CLICK-S Diagnostics

Pioneering colon cancer biomarker detection

What We Do

CLICK-S Diagnostics discovered a biomarker capable of accurately identifying pre-cancerous/ cancerous cells in tumors (cancer stem cells), responsible for metastasis & recurrence. This biomarker will change how colon cancer is detected and reduce the invasiveness of testing.

The Product

DCLK-1-S Staining and Detection Kit for Human Colon Adenomas

Target Customer Pain Points

  • Hospitals, clinical laboratories, cancer centers need solutions for faster diagnosis of infection and disease
  • For patients, colonoscopies are time-consuming and uncomfortable; polypectomies can be painful
  • Inaccurate results (false positives as well as false negatives) decrease desire to test which leads to discovering tumors at more advanced stages


  • No other diagnostic exists that can identify early stage pre-cancerous cells at the level of sensitivity
  • Patent-protection on the technology

Market Size

There are over 130,000 new cases of CRCs diagnosed each year in the US. The market demand for colorectal cancer diagnostics and screening tests is estimated to reach approximately $1 billion by 2023.

Progress & Milestones

  • Identified and patented DCLK-1-S as the first specific biomarker of transformed/cancer stem cells, unlike other biomarkers that are expressed by both normal and cancer stem cells
  • Mapped out approval pathway to expedite revenue opportunities during regulatory review
  • Continue to conduct retrospective studies to clinically validate the bio-marker (DCLK-1-S)
  • Develop research use only kits and seek CLIA approval pathway

Development Team

  • Pomila Singh, PhD
  • Gurinder Luthra, DO
  • Heidi Spratt, PhD
  • Heather Stevenson, MD PhD
  • Shubhashish Sarkar, PhD

Management Team

  • Alexander Vo, PhD
  • Ryan Westberry, MS, MBA
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