Low cost and fast diagnostics for mosquito-borne illness

What We Do

From Zika to Dengue, mosquito-born illnesses are growing in developing and developed countries. FlaviTech detects diseases earlier by developing and commercializing the use of antibodies against non-structural viral proteins, eliminating cross-reactivity between viruses.

The Product

  1. [PROTOTYPE] Non-structural protein assay with diagnostic algorithm
  2. [IDEATION] At home test kits (lateral flow devices), in-field test kits
    (mobile detection), point-of-care testing kits and instrumentation, and
    testing services and interpretative analysis
  3. [PROVISIONAL PATENT] Reporter virus neutralization assay

Target Customer Pain Points

  • Globally women in their child bearing years fear the possibility of birthing a microcephalic child
  • Hospitals, clinics, primary care and OB/GYN offices need solutions for faster diagnosis of infection and disease
  • Research and academic institutions need better solutions for human and animal testing to aid in developing vaccines and treatments


  • Assay turnaround time less than 48 hrs (CDC turnaround measured in wks) • No cross-reactivity across viruses
  • Laser-focus on each end-user’s experience not only innovating the science

Market Size

The market for infectious disease testing is expected to grow from $16.8 billion in 2015 to $20.9 billion in 2020.

Progress & Milestones

  • Developed prototype zika virus detection system called the multiplex microsphere immunoassay (MIA); conditionally approved for patient sample tests in New York State
  • Proof-of-concept of reporter virus neutralization assay; ready for clinical use; provisional patent filed; publication pending
  • Partnership with Galveston National Laboratory and Brazilian government
  • Validation testing planned in Brazil and neighboring countries

Management Team

  • Pei-Yong Shi, PhD
  • Alexander Vo, PhD
  • Ryan Westberry, MS, MBA
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