Galsat Therapeutics

Breathing new life into respiratory disease therapy

What We Do

Galsat delivers an advanced and much simpler Asthma treatment using an oral delivery of Fidarestat, an aldose reductase inhibitor. The oral delivery capability of Fidarestat yields a higher medication compliance rate and delivery efficiency than traditional inhalers.

The Product

  • Fidarestat tablets (PROTOTYPE)
  • Fidarestat syrup (PROTOTYPE)

Target Customer Pain Points

  • Patients, especially children, with cumbersome and minimally effective Asthma regimens including inhalers
  • Hospitals and clinics should see fewer incidents of non-compliance and associated side effects
  • Health Departments will see decreases in cost of care as a result of easier treatment and greater adherence to provider recommendations


  • Convenience of taking pills and syrups as opposed to inhalers
  • Safer administration with less risk of patients misusing (under or over-dosing) on Asthma medication
  • Lower cost will encourage compliance for patients with the lifetime disease burden

Market Size

Each year, the cost of Asthma in the United States is approximately 10% of all medications costs combined.

Progress & Milestones

  • Developed and tested novel therapeutic drug to treat inflammatory disorders like Asthma
  • Successfully tested in animal models; human clinical samples tested show high effectiveness in treating Asthma
  • Phase II/III clinical trial studies in the US and Japan yielded no irreversible adverse events in patients

Management Team

  • Satish Srivastava, PhD
  • William Calhoun, MD
  • Seprel Erzurum, PhD
  • Alexander Vo, PhD
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