Health Reporting & Visualization Platform

Integrated care analytics made simple

What We Do

From primary care to specialist care, from the pharmacy to the lab, track and control patient care with a fully integrated analytics solution. Customize dashboards and reports to stay focused on today’s decisions like prioritizing patient care, as well as on tomorrow’s strategic objective like improving quality while decreasing cost.

The Product

  • [IN MARKET] Web-based analytics with standard & custom reporting
  • [COMING SOON] Consulting services for design, implementation and management
  • [NEXT UP] Bundled packages to integrate EMR data for one-stop analytics

Target Customer Pain Points

  • Disparate clinical, administrative, and financial data systems confound comprehensive review of efficiency, quality, and more
  • Many correctional prison/ jail systems at the federal, state, county level are using outdated dis-integrated systems and need to manage cost
  • Private prison systems can differentiate, decrease cost, and improve patient outcomes


  • Extensive clinical and administrative validation with daily use by administrators, clinicians, and executive decision-makers
  • End-to-end care management improving access to and quality of care while decreasing cost
  • Helped drive lowest per unit cost of care for Texas prison system

Market Size

The population health market is expected to reach $31.63 billion by 2020 from $11.13 billion in 2015, at a CAGR of 23.2%.

Progress & Milestones

  • Platform is currently in use for a population of >150,000 patients in the Texas state prison system
  • Sales & marketing activity will initially focus on other prison systems
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics will automate interpretation
  • Patent application submitted in 2016

Management Team

  • Alexander Vo, PhD
  • Owen Murray, DO, MBA
  • Stephan Smock, MBA
  • Anthony Williams, MBA
  • Ryan Westberry, MS, MBA
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