Jende Solutions

Providing innovative digital solutions for the Health, Academic, and Human Resources biospheres.

What We Do

Our team provides novel, leading-edge solutions to alleviate choke points in the healthcare, academic, and human resources workflows.

The Product

We produce de novo solutions to presented challenges while working closely with our clients to ensure an accurately executed product.

Target Customer Pain Points

  • Full stack solutions are often difficult to produce in-house.
  • The healthcare and academic industries are permeated with regulations that must be considered during software development.
  • These regulations change frequently, therefore qualified developers must stay abreast of these changes in addition to advances in software development.


We have decades of experience in full stack software development and the academic, healthcare, and human resources enterprise.

Market Size

The global healthcare is expected to be 51.7 billion dollars by 2028.

Progress & Milestones

Developed, tested, and deployed multiple successful software solutions.

Management Team