Trusting intubation every single time

What We Do

Optoacoustic intubation improves accuracy and speed while placing endotracheal tubes in patients. Decision-assist software helps clinicians intubate patients safe and faster.

The Product

[PROTOTYPE] PoET – noninvasive, optoacoustic device that determines precisely where an endotracheal tube is located within the trachea.

Target Customer Pain Points

  • While the majority of endotracheal tubes (ET) are placed successfully, care teams encounter difficult patients and need additional support.
  • Pediatric and Adult Intensive Care Physicians, EM Physicians no longer wait to confirm ET position and can expedite ET cuff malfunction
  • Respiratory therapists no longer wait to confirm ET position
  • Emergency Medical Technicians no longer wait to confirm ET position
  • Transport teams can maintain continuous certainty of ET position


  • Dramatically reduces volume of chest radiographs (including associated exposure to radiation) to assess tube position
  • Reduces the incidence of unrecognized right mainstem intubation and associated atelectasis
  • Reduces the incidence of accidental extubation

Market Size

Current market size of tracheal intubation is estimated at $3 billion annually, with 13% of the procedures defined as difficult due to known complications.

Progress & Milestones

  • Developed and tested prototype for device as well as software to clinically-assist the clinician
  • Clinical prototype requires only 15 to 30 seconds and does not require interruption of mechanical ventilation or movement of a patient
  • Designed razorblade business model to create early incentives for adoption with a long tail of revenue opportunity
  • Conduct clinical trials for FDA clearance as well as secure CE mark

Management Team

  • Donald Prough, MD
  • Yuriy Petrov, PhD
  • Graham Randall, PhD, MBA
  • Tommy Cooper
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